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The market efficiency of the soccer fixed odds internet betting marke

Common Football Betting Mistakes (The Don’ts)Now that the basics are out of the way let’s take some time to examine some common mistakes perpetrated by new football bettors. Don’t Blindly Back FavouritesMany of us have noticed a football match is about to start and we’ve had a punt on the favourite for a bit of interest. However, bookies that offer football betting know that any favourite in a match will receive the weight of the money in the 1X2 market, so you rarely get any value for your bet whether this selection wins or not.Naturally, backing a favourite means a diminished return in the first place. Another trap punters fall into is putting a bunch of favourites together in an accumulator bet without going through each match in turn and asking themselves whether they truly believe that each team will win.We all want to make some money from our football betting. However, blindly slapping A$10 on an 8/1 shot in the hope of a big payout is nearly always the wrong way forward! Punters should never be drawn towards big odds unless they genuinely feel as though that price misrepresents a team’s chances of winning.Sometimes a bookmaker will quote as big as 20/1 about a team winning a Premier League match, especially if said club are facing Manchester City or Liverpool. However, there is always a reason behind a particular price and it therefore pays to consider an alternative unless you have a genuine conviction for the team in question. Look at All Available MarketsMany of us like to bet on the 1X2 market or place an accumulator on a number of football teams, although the value can often be found from mining a more obscure betting market. Sometimes it pays to actually consider a match and how you see it panning out before even looking at the odds.You might assume Team A and Team B will play out a high-scoring game with Team A coming out on top. In this instance, it might be that Team A to win + BTTS is a great bet, especially if the price is attractive. Alternatively, you might not have a strong view on which team wins but really fancy the idea of a low-scoring match which could lead to a bet on Under 2.5 Goals or even Under 1.5 Goals.สมัครแทงบอล

We would recommend that you keep a note of the bets you place on a daily or weekly basis. Jot down information such as stake, type of betting market, the odds and the outcome of each football wager. After you have placed a number of bets, review the information to see if you’re proving to be more successful with a particular type of bet.Sometimes a betting strategy might require a bit of fine tuning in the beginning. The aim of the game is to profit as greatly as possible with your winning selections and make sure losing bets have an element of damage limitation. However, the more work you put in will largely mean the greater the chance of enjoying a return.responsibleHow to Bet For and Against Your Favourite Football TeamWhile betting on football you may find yourself tempted to blindly back the team that you support for a win, or for a certain goalscorer. This is already a mistake! Considering the following before backing your squad.How to Bet on Your Own TeamNo matter which team you support, the best bookmakers are likely to have stacks of available pre-match betting markets available and you’re likely to have In-Play punting opportunities as well.You can simply bet on your team to win the match. They might be enjoying a good run of form, have barely any injuries and be up against a team where you expect them to land the three points. There’s also the chance to add them to an accumulator.Bear in mind that doing this gives you a double bonus or a double downer. If your team wins, you’re ecstatic because you support them and they have made you cash. If they lose, you’re gutted because they’ve been beaten and you’ve also lost money by backing them.How to Bet Against Your TeamNow this isn’t for everyone, we’ve done it before and creates conflicting emotions, although it can also be rewarding. Say you’re a Manchester United fan and they are playing Manchester City in the derby. The thought of losing to your rivals might be a tough one to stomach and you decide to back City to win.So you’re watching the game and City take the lead. Never good from a United perspective although you’re currently looking at a potential profit of A$50 from your bet, which could treat the family to a takeaway that night.